Secrets of the Pyramid Builders

Kit Overview

Secrets of the Pyramid Builders’ kit is a unique and exciting Forensic Archaeology Kit like no other. Use forensic techniques to explore the scientific genius of the Ancient Mayans and Egyptians.

Who showed who how to build pyramids? Crack secret inscriptions on Coins, a golden Ankh, a Sacred Scarab, Sacred Turtles and more. Crime Scene investigation: did a beautiful mineral really kill the Pharoahs? Use ancient casting mix to make realistic Egyptian and Mayan amulets. Learn the ancient skill of wrapping and preserving a life-size mummy of a Sacred Kitten. Make an eye-boggling spooky Corn God carving that ‘impossibly’ comes to life in darkness. Use modern technology to reveal the disappearing messages on the ‘Rosetta’ Papyrus and Secret Codex. And so much more…

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