We expect every product we produce to be an award winner.

The WILD! Science™ brand is registered and recognized internationally as representing premium manufacturing quality, premium design values, the ultimate in compliance and safety, and of course, great play and learning value. The brand in never associated with ‘cheapness’ in any part of a product.

We expect every product to be a potential prize winner. We do not release any product that is not up to scratch on all counts. We do not cut corners. This strict adherence to quality means the brand is growing exponentially despite economic downturns.

Our design team has developed this guide to help partners customize products appropriately. Our legal and compliance team will help ensure the WILD! Science brand will be undiluted, and thus help the brand give full support to your efforts. Our aim is to make these kits sell as well for you as possible, with as many return purchasers as possible.

Safety, Quality & Green
Credential Certifications.

WILD! Science™ fosters a culture that embraces commitment to – quality, safety and minimising the environmental impact of our products by maintaining, reviewing and constantly improving our systems and environmental performance . It’s our goal to set a benchmark for others within the industry by implementing best practices wherever possible.

We are proud to adhere to the guidelines set by the following standards management systems:

Concepts coupled with
real-world lessons.

Every WILD! Science™ kit tries to support STEM , a worldwide educational movement which integrates the sciences, technology, engineering and math. Plus we support what is called PRODUCTIVE PEDAGOGY with the aim that kids always use their skills to make something unique, and useful as a proof-of-learning outcome. Not just writing! BUT we go further. We try to add mystery, laughs, yucky bits, smells, beauty and drama to everything. We have fun. So should you.”