Let's be amazed &
be proud of our
wonderful children!

We love children, we believe in children, and we know that the depths of their true talents and interests are often not revealed in schools, or even at home.

Schools can be wonderful places (YES we make kits for schools too!). However in most subjects the time needed for children to explore their own ideas at their own pace is usually not available.

This is why WILD Science kits are so popular. Children naturally love to learn ‘exciting stuff’. And they want to do it at their own speed. Working and playing at home gives them that time. Plus they will want to show off their knowledge and expertise to YOU!

Not just in cats cradles, spitting or yo yos either! Very often even children that perform ‘ordinarily’ at school just love ‘WILD stuff’ at home; and they become expert in knowledge and skills usually assigned to much older age grades in schools.

Educators talk like this all the time. What it means is children will find it very easy to start: we illustrate every starter step in full colour. (Our booklets are the best in the world we think – and so do many professional groups).
Then we (as the writers) soon meet the limits of our creaky old adult hands and brains. So we ask the CHILDREN for help in solving problems and making discoveries. No upper limit for them!

All WILD Science kits allow children to create amazing objects or materials of ‘beauty’. Everything they make is unique- but they need to have mastered skills and applied their new knowledge to get this far. What can be better than a child emerging from the kitchen ‘lab’ to present mum dad each with a personalized ‘soap’ creation full of scientific surprises! Every WILD session uses hands to create products that are truly valued and usable. Some experts call it ‘productive pedagogy’. We call it building self e-steam by hand. The ‘e-steam powered child’ can do ANYTHING!

Be there BUT please get into the background! Bite your tongue and tie your hands and watch and listen!
OK, you may be asked to help, but don’t rush in too fast. (Persistence and thinking hard might not come easily at first to children raised on instant answers). PLEASE don’t be the expert, and only do exactly what your child asks and no more.

We're here to answer any questions you might have...