We have a Kennedy Space Center Winner!

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Paige Helm and her family were the lucky winners of our competition to Orlando USA to visit the Kennedy Space Center and Disney World. Who better to give you the details than Paige herself! Read on to find out all about the trip…
Hi, I’m Paige Helm and I am 10 years old. These holidays I was lucky enough to go on an amazing trip for with my family to Orlando, Florida. I won this amazing competition through Wild Science for my creation of a new science kit “Buzzing mad science trivia” and Wild Science was kind enough to award me the prize. When the day came to leave Australia I was so, so, excited. The plane trip was really long but when we finally got to Orlando, Florida I couldn’t wait to go to Disney world and the Nasa Space Center, but first it was time to sleep.
Our first day was spent exploring and enjoying the resort and pools. Florida is home to alligators so the next day we went on an alligator tour and Disney springs where they sell everything Disney.
I was so excited for the third day of our trip because we were going to Disney World. When we got to Disney the first thing, we did was go on a ride named space mountain which felt like you were going through space and it went really fast.
The rest of our day at Disney we did lots of fun and entertaining things like breakfast with the princesses, the parade, going on lots of rides, and my favourite part was watching the fireworks on the castle and that is just one great day out of many others we had
Kennedy Space Centre
The fourth day of our holiday we went to the Kennedy Space Centre it was really fun we got to have lunch with an astronaut her name was Barbara Morgan. She talked to us about her mission up to space I found it very interesting she even congratulated me on winning the competition in front of everybody at the lunch. At the space center we also saw some rockets and we saw a rocket launch pad. There were some shows there that taught us about the space shuttles and rockets that went into space. There was a lot of interactive things for everyone to enjoy.
The fifth day we went to a park called Blue Springs Park. At Blue Springs Park they have endangered animals called Manatees we got to see them in a lake, and they look pretty funny. The last day in Florida we went to Epcot Disney world some things we did there were, getting characters to sign our autographs books, going on rides, and looking through some of the lands. Then our Florida trip came to an end, but we were getting on a plane to spend two days in Houston, Texas.
When we arrived in Houston, we went straight to the hotel but the next day was so fun we went to a shopping mall that had ice skating inside. We also went to the children’s museum of Houston and we got to pretend we were shopkeepers and doctors. My favourite part was doing a science experiment, there was so much to see, and I learnt some things I never even knew before. On the very last day, we went to a water wall and it was amazing, and we got lots of photos. Then it was off to the airport for the 17-hour flight home.
Thank you, Wild Science, for this amazing holiday it was an experience of a lifetime and my family and I will never forget it! “

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