Zombie Party

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Too much to describe here. Check Product Details for the full story. Combines Zombie Jelly and Fart Putty Workshop kits. Plus a new Zombie Scrub Soap kit ONLY available in this Combo kit. Fun for up to 6 kids to play and share.

ZOMBIE JELLY: Jellified fingers, hearts, eyeballs, brains, and maggots! Perfect party food for ravenous young zombies. Exquisite silicone moulds do the hard work for you. And enough face paint for a small herd of children. ZOMBIE FART PUTTY: Cook up enough fabulous fart putty for each Zombie to communicate in squeaks and burps. Gorgeous gruesome colours and effects, being undead was never so much fun. ZOMBIE SCRUB SOAP: After all the feasting, burping and painting, best send them home looking clean. Make lots of Zombie themed soaps using non-allergenic casting soap, special pigments in our ghastly Zomboid moulds. Good clean fun for up to 6 Zombies to play and share.

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