Volcano Lava Lab

Kit Overview

UNIQUE DOUBLE CRATER KIT! Based on a real volcanic island in Alaska. Create coloured lava flows, and ‘poison gas’ lakes. Make bubbling colour change mineral pools and coloured mineral salt deposits. Just like Yellowstone. Mould different kinds of volcanic bomb. Workbench and tools included.

Feel like a real Volcanologist watching as twin Volcanos erupt up close.The design is based on a real-life twin crater volcanic island Little Sitkin in the Aleutian Chain near Alaska. , you will create volcanic bombs, multiple eruptions, gushing lava fields, gas flows and colour-changing mineral pools! All in perfect safety.
Learn about the awesome power of volcanos through the planet changing science of Volcanology.

Think like a Proton...always positive!


Volcano Lava Lab help

Volcano Lava Lab FAQ's

There are several reasons why this might happen.
A) Too slow mixing: do all your mixing in about 4 to 8 seconds max, be quick so you don’t lose too much gas.
B) Not compressed enough: you can mould the bomb in your hand, but press as hard as possible to make a solid natural bomb.
C) Not compressed enough: you can also mould the bomb in a teaspoon, but press as hard as possible to make a very solid neat looking bomb.
D) Humid weather: can affect your bomb too, it might keep fizzing without getting a ‘crust’
E) make sure you’ve added enough red dye. Too little liquid will make the bomb just too crumbly. Too much liquid will turn it into a pool of bubbling lava ooze!
NOTE: if you leave your bomb a long time in dry weather it should go hard. If you break it open you’ll see all the bubbles. Just like a real bread crust bomb ( or pumice). But a hard bomb will be quite un-reactive in water as the chemicals have been used up.
AND:… some bombs just don’t expand but grow big blisters or bubbles on the surface. This is also like some natural volcanic bombs.