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Triops are actual ‘living fossils’ identical to fossils from hundreds of millions of years ago. The dehydrated eggs hatch in 2-3 days. They grow really fast with the food starters in the kit. They are BIG! Up to 30mm or over an inch long. Much bigger than sea monkeys. Decorate your Triopolis with glowing rocks and gravel and check the temperature with the thermostrip.

Triops are actual ‘living fossils’ which survived the millennia by using the ‘trick’ of suspended animation or diapause. During suspended animation, Triops eggs can stop their biological clock to survive decades of drought. In the Triopolis, the eggs hatch in 2-3 days. They are very fast growing using food in the kit. And they are BIG! Up to 30mm or over an inch long and they can do amazing tricks. Much bigger and more fun Sea Monkeys. Decorate your Triopolis with glowing rocks and gravel. Check the temperature with the thermostrip, and use the magnifying towers to spy on them close up!.

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Triopolis help

Triopolis FAQ's

So sorry to hear your Triops did not hatch! We assume you managed to keep them warm enough ( above 22degC)   Natural spring water is nearly always just fine. But do make sure it hasn’t been ‘chlorinated’ . And sometimes even Spring Water can have a lot of dissolved minerals that impede hatching. Check the label and compare brands. The less minerals and salts the better. Of course ‘Mineral water’ is risky! Next time, for you, we suggest the best water of all is plain Rain Water. Very few dissolved minerals. Tap water is also risky – but can be used if you let a big open bowl of it sit for several days until the chlorine has evaporated. Sadly tap water often contains a lot of other stuff which can remain in the water, but we have hatched Triops very well in our ’rested’  tap water.

HINT: you can also try tipping off your water – and then drying out the ‘dirty sediment’ in the sun until it is dusty. The eggs should still be in there! Wait a few weeks and then refill with rainwater. Some Triops eggs are ‘preprogrammed’ by nature to NOT hatch in the first rainfall, but to wait for the next rainfall!! Good Luck!

Yes, Koi food should work just fine.

Beta food ( Fighting Fish food) will also work fine and the lumps are usually a bit smaller. A bit more ‘Triops sized’.

Good luck and thanks for your interest.