Science Tube Sets

Kit Overview

Discover the wonders of assorted sciences with Science Tubes!


Its a fingerprint lab in a tube! White powder for dusting at the crime scene, black powder for taking dabs at the station. And a professionals guide to the science of print analysis.



Make your own magnetic fun fishing game for one or even two players. Make your own pet ‘antigravity’ butterfly and bird. It looks unbelievable! Create and control magic morphing ‘storms in a test tube’.


Pocket Science

Magic water fountains, lemon submarines, static snowstorms, coloured flowers and more. This kit explores air pressure, static electricity and the weird properties of water.



Fizzy Chemistry all happening inside a Balloon. Mix the ingredients in the right proportions, put ’em in the balloon, add the squirter, seal and press. WOW – watch it blow itself up. And more …



Perfect Pocket Perfumery. All the tools and ingredients you need to extract filter and purify your own Jasmine perfume. And an Atomiser to ‘spread the love around’.


Fart Putty

Fabulous noisy fun. Cook up your own slimy green putty and learn how to make it ‘toot’ in a tube. This one doesn’t smell, but you can add your own scents too,


Super Balls

Spoon the weird polymer crystals into the special mold and dunk it in water. Wow – in no time the crystals expand, stick together and in less than a minute you have your first custom superball.



Think like a Proton...always positive!


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