Prehistoric Amber Workshop

Kit Overview

Mould at least 3 Jurassic soaps that looks like just like lumps of amber in a museum. Like the rarest amber, yours will have realistic ‘fossil’ bugs in them. Safe for bathtime. All ingredients and tools included.

Make fantastic replica lumps of amber with embedded ‘fossilized’ bugs. Mosquitoes, spiders and flies. Even better, you use specialist, low allergen clear casting soap and colours to do it. Worth waiting 60 million years for a wash? You Bet!

Think like a Proton...always positive!


Prehistoric Amber Workshop help

Prehistoric Amber Workshop FAQ's

We are sorry but compliance laws say we are not allowed to sell ingredients separately from the kit, and glycerine base soap with no colour or scent is not usually available in retail outlets. The ‘Luxury Soap’ or ‘Practical Joke Soap’ kit might still be available from some online sources near you. The same soap is in both kits. That would supply you with what you need, but again they might be rare items now.
You can try buying clear glycerine based soaps and melting them in the microwave very carefully. Check out the contents labels on soaps at the shop counter! Glycerine over the counter is not the same sadly. It is just a thick slightly sweetish liquid.