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Make an ant colony, bug observation room, soil analyser, two mini gardens, scar wax, holes in the hand, severed fingers, marching maggot movies and more. Hands-on space science that is out of this world!

BACKYARD EXPLORER: Set up your own pet ant or worm colony. Analyse soil like an expert and discover astonishing soil mini-beasts. Collect backyard bugs with your super safe bug tongs. Observe and identify them in the magnifying bug holder. Grow seeds in two scientific mini-gardens on the special workbench.

SPECIAL EFFECTS: Star in your own gruesome movies with a severed hand and fingers still wiggling! Make theatrical ‘scar and bone wax’ for unbelievable accident effects. Loads of gore, scars and stitches too. Make and share an alien worm invasion movie. Camera holder and workbench included. Free animation apps.

SOLAR SYSTEM: Hands-on Space science that is out of this world! Make a scale model of the Solar System, mould a moon crater, and create the phases of the Moon with shadows. Learn how the constellations are used by real astronomers, make a glowing star mobile, and build an alien to live on a distant planet.

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