Mars Landing Survival Kit

Kit Overview

The “MARS LANDING SURVIVAL KIT” from WILD! Science is true Space Age Science. No it is NOT A TOY! The fertilizer is GROSS! but the BIODOME HYDROPONIC systems turn it into PURE WATER and FOOD! The PLANTS are real, you can EAT them. The LAB GEAR – is REAL. The GAS and ACID INDICATORS are REAL. And the FUN IS OUT OF THIS WORLD. Hours, weeks and months of EXPERIMENTING AND FUN!

The “MARS LANDING SURVIVAL KIT” from WILD! Science is true Space Age Science. No, it is NOT A TOY! Plant your first seeds in Bare Sand enriched with Hydrogel Crystals. Yes, the Digested Waste is totally gross, but the Biodome Hydroponic systems and Capillary Filters turn it into clean Plant Nutrients! As the real plants grow, they absorb poisonous CO2, and make OXYGEN you can breathe, FOOD that you can eat and PURE WATER by transpiration! Any leftovers go back to the Waste Digester and the cycle starts again. You can even Clone plants! The lab gear – is real. The GAS, WATER and UV Testing Indicators are real. And the FUN is out of this world. Hours, weeks and months of EXPERIMENTING AND FUN!

Think like a Proton...always positive!

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Mars Landing Survival Kit help

Mars Landing Survival Kit FAQ's

First, make sure that one end of the wick is actually at the bottom of the drainage tank.
Secondly – it is possible that your sand was not very damp when you put it in the gardens and that the sand and the water crystals have absorbed all the water from the wick that came through the gardens. All you need to do is to refill the tank with water pretty near to the top. The siphon effects will start quite quickly and you should see the gardens getting wetter within 20 minutes or so. Then the drainage tank will start to fill. It sounds like your water crystals are ‘full’, so most of the water should come through to the drainage tank.
If your gardens ‘flood’ – tip out the water in the main tank and empty the drainage crater until you get just the right wetness in the gardens. You can learn how to regulate flow by looking at the tips in the booklet.