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Star in your own gruesome movies with a severed hand and fingers still wiggling! Make theatrical ‘scar and bone wax’ for unbelievable accident effects. Loads of gore, scars and stitches too. Make and share an alien worm invasion movie. Camera holder and workbench included.

Gruesome Movie Make Up Secrets Exposed! Even you won’t believe your eyes when you hand lies severed from the arm with fingers still wiggling. And a ‘bone’ sticks out of your bleeding finger! Mix and blend your own professional-grade ‘bone and scar’ waxes. Learn how to create lifelike bleeding stab wounds and then stitch ’em up. Aaargh – a hole right thru your hand! And look – an animated maggot is crawling out! Yes, star in your own stop motion SFX movies ( Free animation apps) … and More.

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