Climate Change

Kit Overview

The ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ kit from WILD! Science makes sense of global weather systems and the impact of human activity.
Use real apparatus to conduct scientific experiments and grow edible crops, create rainfall , save your real ice glaciers! Watch oceans rising, create winds, test for carbon dioxide and acid emissions. And much much more…

The ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ kit works just like OUR PLANET, and even looks like it.
Use real apparatus to conduct SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENTS that will STARTLE, THRILL and AMAZE you. Grow and EAT your own CROPS, irrigate a DESERT, create RAINFALL and see if you can save your REAL ICE GLACIERS! Watch OCEANS RISE, create and MEASURE WINDS, measure CARBON DIOXIDE and ACID emissions. Feel the GREENHOUSE EFFECT. Float ICEBERGS and monitor OCEAN CURRENTS as they melt and much more!

Think like a Proton...always positive!

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Climate Change help

Climate Change FAQ's

A Mold on seeds is usually due to a combination of very high humidity, high temperatures, still air, and spores of fungi that have come in on air currents. Try again but at step 7 on page 15 leave the small domes off. Airflow retards fungal growth. Wait until the seeds have germinated and started to put out the first leaves, then you can try the experiments from 8 to 11.

If it still happens, leave the whole lid off until the first leaves appear. After the experiments, it’s best to do ‘growing on’ in a well-lit place but out of direct sunlight. Long periods of direct sun can ‘cook’ the plants under the lid. Once the plants have leaves they are much more resistant to fungal attack.

NOTE: The high temperatures at steps 8, 9, and 10 are only for a short while. The seeds and/or plants are safe for this time.