Blood N’ Guts Zombie FX Lab

Kit Overview

Create your own Zombie ‘Blood-in-a-Bag’. Get Down and Booger with Exploding Zombie Snot, grow some gruesome Zombie Guts, pickle a pair of Ghastly Levitating Eyeballs, wriggle out some Worms and Maggots. Then make musical Fart Putty for Zombie Sound FX to die for!

Create ghastly Blood Clots and Exploding Slugs. Grow some gruesome pet Zombie Tapeworms, Flubbery Tadpoles and Levitating Eyeballs. Garnish with Globby Green Gizzards. Your Imagination is the only limit. Next, add squelching squeaking Sound Effects and a Zombie Sound Track. Explore the Phantastic Physics of Fart Putty. Be astonished at your growing collection of burping Zombie Boogers. Shimmering, wobbling, slippery slimes and putties for every occasion. Impress your friends and horrify the adults as you perform your ‘Zombie Slime Symphony’. All tools and ingredients are in the box. Being Undead was never so much fun!

Think like a Proton...always positive!

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Blood N’ Guts Zombie FX Lab help

Blood N’ Guts Zombie FX Lab FAQ's

We are very sorry but we think alginate powder of our specific type is not available as a retail item, and we are not allowed by compliance laws to sell it outside our kits. If you buy another kit, try diluting the working alginate solution by up to another third with water. It still makes gels – but they will need to be pickled a bit longer and they will be a bit softer. However, you can extend the fun and experimentation time accordingly!

If you run out of pickling solution – Calcium Chloride – it is available from major supermarkets hidden as crystals or a white lumpy powder inside the base of cupboard/closet moisture and damp absorbers. Open it up carefully, and avoid getting the powder on your hands. If you do – just wash it off. You will need to dissolve a teaspoon of it in a cup of water to make something like our pickling solution.