Betta Fish Arena

Kit Overview

Mirror doors and special gravels show amazing behaviors in your Fish. The Betta Garden absorbs toxic wastes and ‘farms’ live Betta food. The Sky Pool magnifies your fish for easy observation. No fish included. No pump or filters needed. Not suitable for goldfish.

In the wild, Bettas, or Fighting Fish, live in small muddy pools often linked together by tiny creeks, just like the Betta Fish Arena. Those pools often have vegetation growing in them too, just like the Betta Fish Arena. As Bettas can also breathe air, they need wide shallow open water areas. just like the Betta Fish Arena, it also means that we don’t need an air pump. Betta Fish Arena also has unique scientific CHALLENGES and ACTIVITIES actually built into the design. This gives inquisitive children a ringside view of some of the clever, spectacular, spellbinding and weird behaviors of our favourite creatures.

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Betta Fish Arena FAQ's

Good Question: however it helps to know a bit more about Bettas! Check this website link

Betta Fish Arena

You will see that the betta is NOT a Goldfish ( not a member of the carp group). Yes, you are correct: the kit is not suitable for goldfish, and we say that on the box and on the website.

The betta fish found in most pet shops and aquarists are not from wild stock and have been bred over many many generations to tolerate much wider temperature ranges and domestic situations in many climatic regions of the world compared to their native Thailand.

The physiology of the betta is very different from most fish and they will indeed happily live in very small, poorly oxygenated shallow, overheated, transient muddy pools in rice paddies. Typically the size of a buffalo hoof. Smaller and more polluted than our kit. If the pool dries up in nature – the betta will flip itself out and flop across the ground hoping to find another small pool. The respiratory apparatus called a labyrinth helps them breathe air in these situations.

The booklet explains the kit is for one betta only except under specific situations and it is designed to encourage responsible, humane and caring observation and understanding of a unique and wonderful animal.