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E Why do we integrate our Sciences?

In high school you can go to separate Physics, Chemistry,  Biology and even Geology classes. So you might end up thinking that each of these sciences has nothing to do with each other.  

In reality, all industrial Chemical Processes take place under controlled physical conditions in technological equipment that is  carefully engineered and mathematically monitored so that the outcome is safe and useful for biological human beings at some point! 

In reality, most pieces of Physics Equipment have the chemical content of  critical parts carefully formulated. And every aspect of its 'usability' closely designed for soft, 5 fingered,  poor sighted, half deaf, fairly feeble 'apes' like us. 

We could go on and on! And usually we do! But you are lucky today. 

Each of our kits might have one main science as a focus,  they also involve some measuring math and other sciences.

Briefly, every WILD Science kit tries to support STEM , a worldwide educational movement which integrates the sciences, technology, engineering and math. Plus we support what is called PRODUCTIVE PEDAGOGY with the aim that kids always use their skills to make something unique, and useful as a proof-of-learning outcome. Not just writing! BUT we go further. We try to add mystery, laughs, yucky bits, smells, beauty and drama to everything. We have fun. So should you."

from Dr. WILD

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