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[ WS/43L ]   My daughter has run out of the sodium alginate working solution. Am I able to purchase more from your company? If not where can I purchase this from?

[ WS/43L ]   The bath doesn・t work!

[ WS/43L ]   What・s wrong with these experiments?

[ WS/43L ]   My Fart Putty won't fart! What is wrong?

[ WS/43L ]   Why the slime can・t get gelled?

[ WS/43L ]   My goo doesn't stretch or mould, I think it is because I put too little water into the powder, what should I do?

[ WS/43L ]   We made our slime .worms・ , and the thin bits are really solid, but the fat bits are soft, and pop when squeezed and squirt liquid. How can we make them all solid? Is the liquid dangerous?

[ WS/43L ]   Removing Slime from clothing?

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