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The ECO System of kits, featuring the ECO Dome has been designed by a biologist, biophysicist and experienced science educator to create and explore as many terrestrial climatic and biological phenomena as possible - in a kit on a table at home (or school). The ECO Dome is the plant or producer biome, and can be connected to all other animal biomes. IT IS NOT A TERRARIUM! Roll over the picture above and read the text below to learn more.


For long term biological experiments ¡V all materials and water can be measured or weighed at the start. The system is sealed ¡V like a biosphere. Only light and heat are added from outside. Changes in free water levels means water has moved into biological or geological systems. Death and decay releases water back again.

Water movement is slow without plants. Rain is hard to make! But it accelerates as plants grow and transpire. Changing Carbon Dioxide levels can even be monitored in air sampled from side ports using limewater from the Forensic Lab kit.

Cooling or warming produces big changes in water movements, just like Planet Earth.


We supply:

•Rulers calibrated in centimetres to monitor seedling growth and water levels.
•Special soil conditioners are supplied to adjust water-holding properties of soil the children supply.
•Strip thermometers can measure temperatures at different altitudes or inside and outside the ECO Dome to monitor ¡¥greenhouse warming¡¦.
•A wind turbine has indicator arrows to monitor speeds and direction of air flow.


We supply lists of recommended plant types or seeds to use depending on the type of biome you wish to create. Rainforest, desert, intensive farming, and even Fungus worlds and more are possible. Kids can grow food for their sandwiches or can grow bug-eating monsters! No limits.


Different ECO Domes can be linked by big ¡¥atmospheric tunnels¡¦.

Plus The WILD! Science Ant Jungle and WILD! Science Worm Farm are also designed to be attached by smaller tubing to the ECO Dome. Ants and worms forage through these tubes. These are the ¡¥consumers¡¦, who now can access the ECO Dome, which hosts mostly ¡¥producers¡¦.

Water creatures, including the citizens of WILD Science Triopolis can live in the lowland lake, and more. So complex and chaotic biological systems can be sealed up and observed with ease.


Can you envisage dust bowls and floods? Well, go ahead and make them.

The convenient truth is: we do learn more deeply by doing, touching, planting, harvesting, witnessing life and death for real on a small scale - than any amount of text books and computer simulations can tell us. We do not know ultimately what kids will discover with these kits. But we hope it is For Good!


From the Teachers Resource Kit:
•Activity 1 - How does Global Warming Happen?
•Activity 2 - Coloured Lands and Global Warming
•Activity 3 - Where do Winds Come from?
•Activity 4 - Making Our Soils - Part 1
•Activity 4 - Making Our Soils - Part 2
•Activity 5 - What shall we Grow?
•Activity 6 - Dome Diary 1
•Activity 6 - Dome Diary 2
•Activity 7 - Humid Days
•Activity 8 - Rainy Days
•Activity 9 - Carbon Eater
•Activity 10 - Fantastic Forests
•Activity 11 - Water Cycle Magic
•Activity 12 - What Happened in our World?

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