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Bath Bombs Factory
Create scented and colored bath bombs. Have fun with crazy science magic tricks and special effects. Totally safe for bath time! All chemicals and tools included.

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: WS/05L

Q1. Citric acid granule is hard as a rock

A1. It happened when ambient temperature was high, we are improving this part and have overcome this issue. When you get products like this, please contact us directly.

Q2. If the bath bomb kit contain any ingredients sourced from an animal or are they suitable for vegans?

A2. The Bath Bomb Kit include Citric Acid and Sodium Bicarbonate, all from vegetable origins or chemical reaction. Our glycerine is a product of vegetable oil processing and the food dyes are vegetable or inorganic in origin. Thus we believe it is OK for vegans.

Q3. Ran out of sodium bicarbonate, need more!

A3. Any food grade Sodium Bicarbonate will do from the baking section of supermarket. But not from a pool shop. The same chemical can be found but not so pure.

Q4. We have run out of Glycerin. Can we use shop bought glycerin?

A4. Yes, it is just fine to use shop bought glycerin. You can use the same amount of pure or undiluted glycerin as our diluted glycerin, and maybe add one drop more. The function is to start a small very controlled reaction, just enough to make the sodium citrate needed to glue the ball together. It is the water in the glycerin that does that job. In addition the glycerin then acts as a humectant or skin softener.

We think your glycerin will have some water in it. Bu if your first ball crumbles, recycle it with another drop or two of your glycerin and remould. If it stubbornly refuses to react or stick together, add one drop of tap water!

Q5. We can't get the bombs to stay together !


Here are some hints:
1. Too much glycerine? The water in the small volume of glycerine recommended creates a limited reaction producing sodium citrate. It is this compound that with the cornstarch - helps glue the ball together. The reaction creates a small amount of carbon dioxide only - which dissipates by the time the bomb is made. But too much glycerine will start a reaction generating CO2 for a much longer time. This gas pressure will crumble the bomb. In fact a very humid day can also worsen the effect. Very dry days require more glycerine. Also holding the mixture in the mould for a minute or two after tamping and before opening may help it solidify more firmly.
2. Not tamping down the mixture firmly enough. Younger kids will often rush the first few bombs. They will be hard in the middle and soft on the outside and thus crumble. But I suspect you'd have discovered and corrected this problem. :
3. A smear of olive oil or baby oil on the inside of the mould works wonders.

Q6. Running low/out of colouring?

A6. Our colours are special, however you can use food colouring that you can buy in the supermarket. NOTE:Please test a little in soap on your skin, then wash it off before you go having a bath with it to make sure the colour washes off your skin.

Q7. Can I drink the Instant Soda in the Bathbomb Kit?

A7. We don¡¦t recommend that you drink it for two reasons:
1 because of other bits and pieces from home that might get into the mixture as the kids are playing
2 it tastes pretty strange as it is. But it is not toxic at all. In fact the dry mixture is the basis of fizzy sherbet powder. With orange flavour and sugar , it can taste very much like the 'old time' powdered fizzy drink mixtures you could buy. But we don¡¦t recommend you do it with our kit as we can¡¦t be sure of other variables in your home that we can¡¦t control.

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