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Wacky Sound Workshop
Use science to make some crazy sound creations. All sounds start with an object vibrating to make sound waves. By changing how fast the object vibrates (frequency), we can make sounds higher or lower in pitch.

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WS/939

Q1. How can I make the hex nut roll around inside the balloon?

A1. Try shaking the balloon a bit as you swirl it. This will make the hex nut bounce around until it lands on its edge and starts rolling. If the hex nut starts off lying flat, it wonˇ¦t roll.

Q2. I am trying to make the Storm Tube but I canˇ¦t thread the spring through the hole. Any tips?

A2. The wire in the Thunder Spring (long, thin spring in the kit) is wound very tightly and it can be difficult to get the end of the wire to pass through the hold in the cardboard tube. To make it easier, you will need a pair of pliers and some help from an adult. Ask an adult to use the pliers to hold onto the end of the wire and pull. You just need a small length of wire to be straightened out enough to get it through the hole. You should then be able to thread it through by turning the spring.

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