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Nail Art Design Studio
Create real custom nail polishes with solar color change effects. Colors, shimmer, tool and bottles included. SAFE! No dangerous solvents.

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: WS/914


A1. If your nail varnish is totally dry, and the sticky surface has not been touched, the stickers should stick. If they don't stick, they may have been stored cold. Warm the sheet gently with a hair dryer to soften the adhesive.

Q2. Magic Nail Art: Nails get stained/ how do you open and close pots/ stickers don't stick

A2. If it stained your nails, the clear layer underneath might not have been 100% dry. If it is not totally dry, the coloured polish kind of softens the clear layer letting the cosmetic pigment onto your nail. It is totally safe - but you are right - it is messy and a bit hard to wash off. If the weather is damp or humid, water based varnish can be a bit slow to dry. OK - a hairdryer will do the job but PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

If you are a slow painter, the wet layer above has more time to soften the layer below, especially if you are stirring it around trying to get good coverage. Smooth rapid painting is best - eg, plan ahead and do it in three strokes, not going over the previous stroke.

Sorry - the stickers will only stick to totally dry varnish. Maybe it was a bit damp?

Oh the POTS! They are actually the best spill proof pots that are easy to open compared to others. But you need to know how to open and close them. Step 1 on page 6 says 'push down' on the tabs to open the pot. Or pinch them together. Most pots you need to lever the tabs upwards. To close, you push down on top of the lid, not down on the tabs. Next time we will put drawings of how to open and close the pot!

Q3. Freezing nail polish?

A3. The frozen clear polish can be used after slight heating of microwave with extra water: 1 ml water to be added with approx. 4ml frozen clear polish at first, and heat it for 10 secs twice, then add 2ml water to get runny clear polish again. Please put an extra coat or layer of affected polishes on nails as now the mixtures are diluted. Two properly dried layers of clear polish under coloured polish will help stop staining.

Q4. Can I use food colours to make more Nail Polish colours?

A4. Dear Customer.

Sorry, we do not make any other colours for this kit. It is possible that water based food colours might work, but do not use spirit or acetone based nail varnish colours. We have not tested food colours as there are too many types available for us to cover all possibilities.

But you could try mixing a VERY small amount of our clear and white polish bases, and then tinting it with a few drops of food colour, mixing it well.

Then paint onto a piece of shiny cardboard ( to act like a nail). If, when dry, the colour stays, and the varnish coverage is smooth and even, then try a patch test as described in the booklet.

If no skin reaction - you have invented a new nail varnish concept.

Good Luck from the Team at WILD! Science

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