Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: WS/31XL


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Crazy Chemistry
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E Polymers
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E Acid-Base reactions
E Gravity and Density

Combines Rocket Ball, Exploding Skull and Perils of the deep kits. Make a ballistic collision ball launcher, mix safe acids and bases, mould Booger Bombs and a haunted reef with a smart skull. 

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: WS/31XL

Detailed introduction
ROCKETBALL: Is it a rocket, is it a ball? Its a Rocketball! Add water and the Crazy Crystals morph into supercharged Energy Blasters and a Rocketball. Wow - the Rocketball goes MUCH higher than you drop it. Impossiball? Doing is Believing.

PERILS OF THE DEEP: Master chemistry skills to create rainbow coloured branching and bubbling corals. Design a skull to grow coral brains before your very eyes. Make a morphing squid under the blue sea. Use physics to defy gravity with chemical hoopla rings.

SKULL ISLAND: Mix safe acids and bases and press - mould the ultimate secret weapons: Booger Bombs! Drop them into the hole in the face, add secret Nose Drops and stand back! The Nose will gush - yes gush - as flood of 'stuff ' into the mouth or even the ear! Invent your own exploding Zit Mix. Fizzing Eyeballs? Easy! Great Laughs - Great Fun and Great Science all guaranteed! All tools, protective gear and chemicals included. 

And yes, it is all REAL CHEMISTRY like you have NEVER seen before.
Q1. My daughter has run out of the sodium alginate working solution. Am I able to purchase

A1. We are very sorry but we think alginate powder of our specific type is not available as retail item, and we are not allowed by compliance laws to sell it outside our kits. If you buy another kit, try diluting the working alginate solution by up to another third with water. It still makes gels - but they will need to be pickled a bit longer and they will be a bit softer. However you can extend the fun and experimentation time accordingly!

If you run out of pickling solution - Calcium Chloride - it is available from major supermarkets hidden as crystals or a white lumpy powder inside the base of cupboard/closet moisture and damp absorbers. Open it up carefully, and avoid getting the powder on your hands. If you do - just wash it off. You will need to dissolve a teaspoon of it in a cup of water to make something like our pickling solution.

Q2. We made our slime worms , and the thin bits are really solid, but the fat bits are soft, and pop when squeezed and squirt liquid. How can we make them all solid? Is the liquid dangerous?

A2. A Firstly, the liquid in the 'worms' is just alginate and totally safe! Secondly The calcium chloride solution works by immediately reacting and gelling the outer surface of the strand of slime, and then , more slowly gelling the liquid interior by diffusion.

Diffusion means the CaCl2 ( calcium chloride) molecules have to 'elbow' their way through the ever stiffening outer network of cross bonded gel molecules to get to the still liquid molecules inside the strand . Of course the thicker or more blobby the liquid strand, the longer it will take for the CaCl2 to work its way to the juicy middle part. So leave the fat worms in the bath for longer.

On top of that - warmer solutions tend to react more quickly ( molecules or particles move more quickly) and this will affect gelling time. So warmer solution = quicker gelling time.

And on top of that - if the CaCl2 solution has been used a lot already, the reactive Calcium particles (ions) might be more scarce in the bath - so gelling will be slower.

Also if the alginate is diluted more than we suggest - it will still gel - but thin worms will be more fragile. Or if it is not completely dissolved to make the slime , this means the alginate will not be quite as 'strong' and the worms may be weaker.

So in science speak: the variation in results can be to do with any combination of:
a) diffusion rate and the surface area /volume relationship of the string of liquid slime ( thick and blobby means more work and further to travel for the calcium to do before it gells stiff)
b) temperature of the liquids
c) concentration of the calcium chloride left in the bath
d) concentration levels of the original alginate slime
e) how long time you pickle it for
f) weird stuff in your water and beakers etc at home that we cannot control. BUT it will never make anything dangerous.

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