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Jurassic Party
Learn about
E Volcanology
E Palaeontology
E Dinosaur Anatomy
E Processes of Fossilization

Volcanology:Make Volcanic Bombs, Lava Flows and Gas Pools
Palaeontology: Bury, Excavate and Build a Tyrannosaurus Rex
Geology: Make your own Jurassic Amber and clean up your Mess

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: WS/97XL

Detailed introduction
VOLCANOS: Make your own Volcanic bombs and erupt them in the specially designed Volcano and see the Lava flow into Lava Lakes. Make your own volcanic mineral springs that really bubble ... and more! Did volcanic gases and ash clouds really wipe out the ancient Dinosaurs?

DINOSAURS: Spark your scientific imagination by making your own volcanic ash 'mud' rocks and burying a realistic T.rex skeleton in it. No need to wait eons and eons, you'll be excavating in no time and putting it together like a real Paleaontologist. You can even make a scary dinosaur stampede plaque.

SCARY AMBER: Then you can clean up by making fantastic replica lumps of Jurassic amber with embedded 'fossilized' bugs. Amazingly, you'll use specialist, low allergen clear casting soap and colours to do it. Worth waiting 60 million years for a wash? You Bet!
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