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Lip Balm Factory
Melt expensive berry wax beads, cosmetic oils and other ingredients together to make custom balms. Make multi-colored, flavored, shimmer effect lip balms in a Crystal Compact.

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: WS/55L

Q1. Near expiry date on Lip Balm lab, can it still be used?

A1. Your kit is fine to use for years yet.
Legislation makes us put standard use by dates on ingredients.
But our Lip Balm ingredients are oil based and will not go ”„off”¦.

Q2. I am running out of soy ester. What do I do? Can I buy it in shops?

A2. We supply exactly the right amount for the kit, but it is easy to overdo the quantities. So, if you are still going, be as exact as you can with the measurements. Sorry, it is not a commonly available material, so you can't buy it in shops. And we are not allowed by our compliance rules to supply it as a separate item. Hope you enjoyed the lip balm that you did make.

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