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Wacky Sound Workshop
Use science to make some crazy sound creations. All sounds start with an object vibrating to make sound waves. By changing how fast the object vibrates (frequency), we can make sounds higher or lower in pitch.

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WS/939

Antlantis combines the fascination of ants with the fun of growing plants all in one amazing product!

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WS/22

Ant Mine
This easy-to-make kit simulates a real Leafcutter ant colony! Be amazed how ants organise the unique chambers and tunnels in their new home!

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WS/23

Ant Circus
See anta perform unbelievable feats through the maze, cross the high wire and dig through soil strats!

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WS/24

Ant Jungle
See ants wrestle food through a maze or across dizzying heights. See them dig tunnels or rush to the surface if the colony is in danger!

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WS/25

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