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Dinosaur Hunter
This kit looks at the fine details in Dino fossils and fossil tracks to recreate Dino lives, families, herds and behaviors. Create a museum quality life size T. rex tooth, a Allosaurus claw and dinosaur baby castings. Marvel at the amazing Pachycephalosaurus skull . Create tracks of Dino Battles and Crime scenes. Can anyone tell you what happened by looking at the clues?

Maybe YOU will become a famous paleontologist who looks back for clues from the past to save our planet in the future!

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: WS/85L

Storm Catcher Lab
Storm Catcher Weather Laboratory lets you be a junior meteorologist! Build your own weather station to record and measure wind speed and direction. There¡¦s even a rain gauge that helps you measure rainfall.

Step by step instructions guide you through construction of your very own weather station as well as providing amazing weather related facts. Start learning about one of the biggest challenges facing us today - the weather!

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: WS/86L

Blood n' Guts Zombie FX Lab
Create your own Zombie 'Blood-in-a-Bag'. Runny or Clotted? Your choice! Get Down and Booger with Exploding Zombie Snot, grow some gruesome Zombie Guts, pickle a pair of Ghastly Levitating Eyeballs, wriggle out some Worms and Maggots.

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: WS/96L

Alien Autopsy Lab
Get in touch with your Alien Innards! Create brightly coloured gels and extrude bizzare semi-liquid body parts into the special Alien Body Parts Mould. Flood the mould with a Catalytic Bath. Be amazed as the gels harden into icky guts and gizzards. Pick ¡¥em up with tweezers and dissect them with your scalpel. All chemicals, tools and moulds included. Special Operations were never so much fun. Polymer chemistry from outer space.

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: WS/102L

Rocket Ball Workshop
Unique and unbelievable. Make a ballistic collision ball launcher and watch the rocket ball go MUCH higher that you dropped it!

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: WS/900

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