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Antlantis combines the fascination of ants with the fun of growing plants all in one amazing product!

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WS/22

Ant Mine
This easy-to-make kit simulates a real Leafcutter ant colony! Be amazed how ants organise the unique chambers and tunnels in their new home!

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WS/23

Ant Circus
See anta perform unbelievable feats through the maze, cross the high wire and dig through soil strats!

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WS/24

Ant Jungle
See ants wrestle food through a maze or across dizzying heights. See them dig tunnels or rush to the surface if the colony is in danger!

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WS/25

Worm Farm
This worm farm teaches children about earthworms and their importance in our ecosystem. Grow vegetation and create a Worm's ecosystem!

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WS/27

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