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Science Tubes

Discover the wonders of science with Science Tubes!

Chemical Garden
Use chemical reactions to create colourful underwater scenes! Build an artificial coral reef and grow instant chemical coral. A chemical reaction creates an amazing substance that grows right before your eyes! Keep your finished seascape in a spectacular curved display tank.

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: WS/17XL

Crazy Chemistry
Learn about
E Polymers
E Acceleration = Fore Mass
E Acid-Base reactions
E Gravity and Density

Combines Rocket Ball, Exploding Skull and Perils of the deep kits. Make a ballistic collision ball launcher, mix safe acids and bases, mould Booger Bombs and a haunted reef with a smart skull. 

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: WS/31XL

Test Tube Chemistry Lab
The perfect starting point for any curious chemist! Investigate Awesome Acids and Bases, Groovy Gases, Amazing Metals, and Wonderful Water, using real laboratory techniques. Featuring over 50 experiments and full colour instructions, packed with fascinating facts and images about incredible chemistry.

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: WS/90XL

Glitz and Glow Chemical
Create a treasure chest full of crystals using real laboratory techniques! Grow sparkling crystals on plaster shapes and a glow-in-the-dark crystal moon. Make a crystal-encrusted heart and crystal wand. Try growing a jumbo-sized crystal, make crystal shards, and follow recipes to discover the crystals in your own kitchen.

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: WS/95XL

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