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My First Backyard Explorer Science Kits

Set up your own pet Ant or Worm colony. Analyse Soil like an Expert and discover astonishing Soil Mini-beasts. Collect Backyard Bugs with your super safe Bug Tongs. Observe and identify them in the Magnifying Bug Holder. Grow seeds in two Scientific Mini-gardens on the special Workbench.

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WST/702

Future Farm Lab
Grow your own sandwich fillings in 'no dirt' gardens, and explore the science of capillary hydroponic systems. You can test how the unique Growing Dome affects plant growth rate, and you can customise two or more soil-less growing media to go inside it. There's more than enough material to fill the two wick-feed garden beds and you can use it all again and again! The special tools and tanks also let you create and test your own unique experimental liquid nutrients. Out Of This World science right here on Earth.!

Age Grading: 8+ Years
Product Code: WS/32L

Puppy School
Totally unique concept making dog challenges for memory, slight, sound and dexterity. Shapes and colour discrimination tests for gods in a fun activity centre.

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WS/80L

Kitty College
Kids construct a unique multi-level Activity Centre with heaps of built-in problem solving challenges. Make cat challenges for memory, slight, sound, smell and dexterity.

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WS/81L

Bird Brains
Kids construct and 'colourise' 2x major wood, rope, bell and mirror bird toys. The toys will explore bird based challenges for memory, slight, sound and dexterity.

Age Grading: 6+ Years
Product Code: WS/82L

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